Counselling and Psychotherapy

I am a psychotherapist who practices from a Gestalt therapy framework. I include somatic, mindfulness and trauma theories into my practice.

I am interested in developing with you a safe, non-judgemental and inclusive space that allows for a growth-full and dynamic therapeutic relationship. My intention is to work so that our self-awareness is heightened, so that you are able to feel enlivened and choiceful in your life. I am passionate about creating a relationship that enables you to create lasting change in your life, so that your life feels more enriched and meaningful.


People come to therapy for many reasons. Often they may be struggling with relationships, with depression or anxiety, family violence, mental illness; perhaps the loss of loved ones, difficulties with friends and families or a general sense of discontentment. Some people are are looking for an opportunity to understand themselves more fully. We can lose a sense of connection between our body, mind and soul and may feel a sense of loss, emptiness, stuckness; of dissatisfaction- of life passing us by.

Psychotherapy and Counselling offer an opportunity to gain a greater sense of self-awareness into the ways in which we live our lives, ways that may no long support us. It can provide an opportunity to explore our lives in a supportive, compassionate yet sometimes challenging environment.
I am an experienced psychotherapist who has provided counselling and psychotherapy to people from diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds, including  experience working with trauma, anxiety and depression.
Underlying my practice is a belief that we all have the capacity to live our lives more consciously, and that therapy has the potential to assist people to become more aware of the habitual ways in which they react to life, and to consequently experience deeper levels of meaningfulness and connection in their lives.


Practice locations: Hawthorn, Warburton.