Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Yarra Ranges

Provision of NDIS counselling and psychotherapy

I provide therapy under the NDIS scheme – plan and self-managed.

First sessions.

During the first few sessions, you will have an idea about my style and if we will be a “good fit” together. If not, I will endeavour to refer you to another therapist.

Weekly sessions.

Upon deciding to work together, we will decide on a weekly session time set for the same day and same time every week. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes for individuals and 55 minutes for couples. Unless negotiated, I do not accommodate less frequent regular sessions (e.g. once every 2 weeks) because of the way I work within the therapeutic process.

Cancellation policy.

You may cancel up to 3 sessions per year with no charge. Appointments cancelled on the day or within a 24 hour window will be charged full fee.

counselling and psychotherapy Yarra Ranges