About Therapy

First sessions.

During the first few sessions, you will have an idea about my style and if we will be a “good fit” together. If not, I will endeavour to refer you to another therapist.

Weekly sessions.

Upon deciding to work together, we will decide on a weekly session time set for the same day and same time every week. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes for individuals and 55 minutes for couples. Unless negotiated, I do not accommodate less frequent regular sessions (e.g. once every 2 weeks) because of the way I work within the therapeutic process.

Cancellation policy.

For the most beneficial therapy, we will meet weekly. I will reserve the time for you in a consistent, on-going fashion. If something comes up, you may cancel or reschedule your session. You may cancel up to 3 sessions per year with no charge. Other times, ideally we will reschedule for a different time. If rescheduling is not possible, you will be charged your full fee. If cancellations become seemingly regular, we will think together how make the session time work for both of us.