Psychotherapy and Counselling:

Aicha Brogan

I began my initial counselling training with Lifeline in 2001. From there I moved to LaTrobe University to study the Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Services, later continuing on to complete my Masters Degree in Counselling. Along the way I did some studies in Narrative, Cognitive Behavioural, Object Relations, Attachment and Existential Therapies, incorporating a wide range of theories into my framework. After working for many non-for-profit organisations as a therapist, I extended into private practice – working with people in both a short-term and longer term capacity.

Along my own journey I came into contact with relational psychotherapeutic ways of working and completed my Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy, which became a perfect fit for what I had been searching for in my training.

I  currently serve on one Board and one Council  supporting psychotherapy and wellness, which I do from a sense of passion about what these can offer. My own life history is such that I am a deep believer in the supportive nature of a therapeutic relationship that can offer aliveness, change and a possibility of being in the world that is connecting to ourselves and others, as well as feeling deeply “held” and understood – an experience that we didn’t all receive growing up – these are wounds that come up in relationships with ourselves and others often outside of our awareness if we are acting from a place of feeling reactive. My wish is to support you to be in connection with yourself, and also with others. But first comes ourselves. My commitment to this is towards my own growth, reflection and expansion and presence.

I am interested in working with clients who experience difficulties with relationships, anxiety, struggles at work, uncertainty about the future, addictive behaviours, significant life changes, carer stress, traumatic events, difficulty parenting, feelings of loneliness, depression, grief, anger, frustration, isolation, or even just a sense that something about life could be more satisfying.

Clinical Member of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia.

Register No. 21962